• “Refugees welcome” an opinion by Xabier M...

    December 2015

    In summer 2015 Europe experienced the largest flows of refugees since the Second World War. The stories of pain, suffering, and hope of the people who have fled Syria and other countries because of conflict have deeply touched the peoples of Europe. Regrettably, the...

  • First edition of the Coppieters awards

    November 2015

    The first edition of the Coppieters Awards kicks off today (11th November 2015) on the 10th anniversary of Maurits Coppieters passing away with the purpose of honoring individuals and organizations that, like Coppieters himself, stand out in defense of cultural and linguistic diversity, intercultural dialogue, defense of minorities,...

  • What Future for Minority Languages in Europe?

    October 2015

    On an average, every two weeks, a language spoken somewhere in the world disappears. Some estimate that by the year 2100, almost half of the 7,000 currently spoken languages will have disappeared, as communities abandon their native tongue in favour of more widely used...

  • Democracy and European Emerging Values

    September 2015

    Centre Maurtis Coppieters and the European Free Alliance youth have compiled texts from more than 17 youth activists and academics to reflect upon the future of Europe and its emerging trends. Defining the concept of self-determination is not the easiest thing to do. The first...

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Apr 22 2016

Stateless Nations, Challenges and Opportunities Conference: Exploring Strategies for Empowerment in a Changing World
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Apr 20 2016

Centre Maurits Coppieters Gathers Members and External Experts in Ajaccio for 10th General Assembly
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Apr 18 2016

“There is nothing in international law that prohibits unilateral declaration of independence for a people” Ana Stanič argues
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Mar 16 2016

US Congress Debated US Policy on National Self-Determination Movements

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cover EFAy book

Democracy and European Emerging Values

Centre Maurtis Coppieters and the European Free Alliance youth have compiled texts...


A Quality Democracy for a New State

“A Quality Democracy for a New State” is the most recent study...

cover - EU economic governance xavier vence

An Alternative EU Economic Governance

The main goal of this report is to analyse those elements underpinning...

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The main policy papers presented during the conference Local Actions in a...