• Coppieters Awards 2017 to recognize Carme Forcadell

    September 2017

    On 26th of September 2017, Centre Maurits Coppieters will honor Ms Carme Forcadell (14th Speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia) as the 2017 recipient of the Coppieters Awards at an official award ceremony in Brussels.

  • Peoples of Europe: A democratic response to Free Trad...

    July 2017

    Fundación Galiza Sempre and Centre Maurits Coppieters organise a one day seminar on the role of free trade areas on Today’s societies. Are FTA compatible with national sovereignty or even Democracy?

  • Minorities and migrations

    February 2017

    The conference entitled Migrations and Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in Europe was held in the Bizkaia Hall in Bilbao on 26 May 2016. It was organised by the Ezkerraberri foundation, EHUgune and Centre Maurits Coppieters. This paper gathers the most relevant contributions, thoughts and...

  • The situation of refugee women in Europe

    January 2017

    Since 2015, the situation of refugees in Europe has become one of the main issues in Europe’s political agenda and at a global scale. Protocols to handle influx, basic rights and integration of refugees have been thoroughly scrutinized and put into question in numerous occasions. Yet, NGOs on the...

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Oct 10 2017

“We just want to decide our future: freely, peacefully & democratically.” Carme Forcadell at #CoppietersAwards

Oct 06 2017

“Faroe Islands has a unique problem. Women are leaving.” Guðrun í Jákupsstovu at #FeministPeripheries

Oct 05 2017

“Welsh women have been written out of their history,” says Angharad Lewis at #FeministPeripheries

Jul 31 2017

“We should promote fair, ecological and sustainable trade deals,” claims MEP Jordi Sole at a debate on FTA

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