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Mainstreaming a minority rights based appr...

The mass influx of vulnerable individuals who differ from the majority population in terms of ethnicity, religion and language has brought to the fore many challenges for European states. Since 2015, when more...

Published on 11/01/2018
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Feb 16 2017

Minorities and migrations

The conference entitled Migrations and Cultural and Linguistic Minorities in Europe was held in the Bizkaia Hall in Bilbao on 26 May 2016. It was organised by the Ezkerraberri foundation, EHUgune and Centre...

Jan 31 2017

The situation of refugee women in Europe

Since 2015, the situation of refugees in Europe has become one of the main issues in Europe’s political agenda and at a global scale. Protocols to handle influx, basic rights and integration of refugees have been thoroughly...

Jan 16 2017

Ideas for Europe #5

The fifth “Ideas for Europe” Newsletter by Centre Maurits Coppieter presents some of the foundation’s activities from June to November 2016. It opens with an opinion piece by Centre Maurits Coppieters President, Xabier Macias, reaffirming our internationalist...

Jul 07 2016

“YES Scotland vs Better Together” How did it all happen?

This analysis stems from a desire to understand more thoroughly one of the most interesting political and participatory processes that have taken place in the first two decades of the 21st century in...

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