Coppieters and Nexe debate on innovation and democracy in Valencia

“Peace and reconciliation is a process that takes decades, it needs support and nurturing” says Dr. Soares (Centre for Cross Border Studies)

Coppieters turns 10 at #Coppieters18 General Assembly in Bavaria

Is gender equality just a distant dream? What's holding back progress?

"EU is based on democracy, rule of law and human rights. When you ignore self-determination, you ignore all three" says UN independent expert Alfred de Zayas

Loránt Vincze (FUEN) warns the European Commission

PODCAST / Workshop on 'From Needs to Rights: A Minority Rights Perspective to Europe’s Refugees and Migrants'

National movements in stateless nations like Quebec, Scotland and Catalonia do not express themselves in exclusionary terms, says Núria Franco-Guillén

Michael Ignatieff at a debate on Europe's refugees and migrants


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