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Stateless nations and media landscapes: Is...

Around Europe, minority and lesser-used languages are being diluted and submerged within or by dominant nations through active or passive policies. By analysing and comparing the situation of national media landscapes in several European stateless nations...

Published on 03/04/2018
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Oct 26 2017

ImagiNation – 100 years of visual political communication on self-determination

The book invites the reader to embark on a fascinating excursion into the visual history of self-determination. ImagiNation chronicles political struggles of minorities, autonomist, regionalist and pro-independence political parties from all over Europe...

Sep 28 2017

Second home buying in Europe’s peripheral regions

The development of second homes, such as vacation homes used for summer or weekend getaways, is a phenomenon that characterizes the growth of European societies. There are many reasons for the existence of...

Jul 31 2017

Size, Efficiency and Equality: Successful Cases in the Global Economy

The growth of inequality in OECD countries has a long history, and the recent economic crisis has only confirmed this trend. The high level of economic inequality occupies a central place in the...

Jun 12 2017

Feminism on the Peripheries of Europe

This collection of essays is a product of almost a year of research, reflection and writing on feminist possibilities and transformations that followed a two-day event “Feminism on the Peripheries of Europe” with the...

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