May 20, 2010

Welcome word

Xabier Macias - President of the Centre Maurits Coppieters

Welcome to the Coppieters Foundation. Since its birth back in 2007 – thanks to the sponsorship of the European Free Alliance and the financial support of the European Parliament – we have opened a door to discussion and debate about many ideas often forgotten in standard political agendas.

With the focus on the principle of self-determination and the respect for national, cultural and linguistic diversity in the European Union and its Member States, we work to investigate, archive, promote, publish or discuss everything related to national, regional and independentist movements throughout Europe.

Coppieters Foundaiton is a non profit organization. It has 12 full members and 5 associated members covering 8 different European countries. On the one hand, it develops its own activities, and on the other, it is the point of exchange where diverse foundations and organizations come together to share information about their activities, best practices, experiences and projects.

Maurits Coppieters was a prominent Fleming and European politician, who advocated for the right to self-determination in the EU. He was one of the founders of the EFA and a Member of the European Parliament standing for what later became the European political party EFA. For a long time, he also worked as a teacher and lawyer. That is precisely the example that Coppieters Foundation hopes to set by spreading the values and work of Coppieters, as many other important personalities from stateless nations have done in the past.

Xabier Macias

President of the Coppieters Foundation